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Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted provides a nationwide frozen embryo online registry, that provides a platform to bring Embryo Donors and Recipients together.  

Who are the donors? Couples/individuals who have struggled to achieve pregnancy on their own and have been successful through the process of IVF. Now they have completed their families and find themselves with additional unused frozen embryos. These couples/individuals would rather donate those frozen embryos to a loving home than see them go to research or discarded.

Who are the recipients? Couples/individuals that are still struggling to build their families. Couples/individuals who have not been able to conceive on their own for many different reasons. Yet they still want and desire the opportunity to experience pregnancy, bonding with baby in utero and labor in the traditional way.

Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted is not an agency. Our registry is FREE for both Embryo Donors and Recipients. We do not do any matching ourselves. It is our belief that donating and receiving couples/individuals should be able to take the lead in finding their own match by using our registry. We feel that you will know your match when you see it. In addition,  it should be up to each party to work out the terms and conditions of their individual embryo donations. 

Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted leaves everything to you. We simply provide a place for you to let others know that you have a Womb Waiting or are looking for a Womb.

Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted allows all donors and recipients to VIEW any and all ads placed FREE of charge.  

Donors and Recipients will be able to register FREE of charge.

We do accept donations. Donations will go towards: helping maintaining the websites of Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted and spreading the word about Embryo Donation and Embryo Adoptions. 

Thank you for visiting Wombs Waiting & Wombs Wanted, we hope that you will soon find your match and be on your way to a happy and beautiful new journey.